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The future of marketing:

Let’s face it, as social media gains more traction with people of all ages, more often than not people are looking down for advertisements rather than looking up.

What to know about social media:

The average American spends roughly 2 hours and 7 minutes on social media. 84% of those aged 18 to 29 and 81% of people between 30 to 49 actively using at least one social media site…73% in the 50 to 64 range and a somewhat surprising 45% of those in the 65-plus group. 76% of users who have bought a product based on a brand’s social media post reflect how social media has changed the face of retail

Our job:

Our expert photographers and videographers pride themselves on creating tailor-made content for your business. Our services don’t stop there. Using the content we provide your business, our team couples it with a unique social media account management program where we not only post eye-catching content but also utilize social media trends and algorithms to achieve the highest exposure for your business in your area and far beyond. As we play the roll of your In-House social media marketing team, we will operate fully on your behalf as if we are an employee of your own. This includes interacting with potential leads and handing them off to the appropriate employee to complete the sale.

So why hire us?

Well, we are sure you wouldn't want to microwave your $50 steak you just picked up at the local market just because it's the corner-cutting alternative, that would be wasted potential! Instead, you want to pull out your nice cast iron pan and cook up the perfect medium-rare masterpiece. So why would microwave your business' public image when we can help you cook up your business' social media presence to be the perfect masterpiece?


We will be in touch shortly.

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